Quality Policy


The development of production of metal products, tools and toys based on innovative technologies and increase sales.


Production of kid-friendly toys in the shape and function using the latest technology as well as the production of metal products and tools of the highest quality for the automotive industry, mining and energy.

Quality Policy


The main goal is to produce aesthetic, durable and safe toys, metal products for the automotive, mining and energy as well as tools, using innovative technologies.

The company provides our customers with high quality products and the performance of the contract on time, according to the needs and expectations of customers.

Through the development and implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO-9001: 2015, the company launched a process of continuous improvement of the organization, production technology and product quality.

The company invests in the latest technology using CNC machines.


Management of the company declares to create conditions for the improvement of the Quality Management System and the fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of customers in accordance with the adopted Quality Policy and legal regulations.

Indicators of quality policy:

Evaluation of the Quality Policy is made by the Director of the Company based on the analysis of quality indicators.

Means and methods to implement the goals:

Quality Policy is implemented by all employees within certain powers and duties. Implemented in the company QMS procedures ensure quality control of products through the use of high-quality measuring instruments, as well as self-employees.

  • Company with Traditions

    Company with Traditions

    In 1982, in Lubojna near Częstochowa, Henryka and Marek Musialik, at that time assistant lecturers at the University of Technolgy in Częstochowa, have started a company in the plastic processing and toy production industry.

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  • Quality and Precision Resulting from Modern Technology

    Quality and Precision Resulting from Modern Technology

    Hemar is distinguished by having a modern machinery park, completely modernised, with state-of-the-art NC injection moulding machines by renowned producers

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  • The Experience and Professionalism

    The Experience and Professionalism

    Our management are qualified engineers with many years of experience, competent in designing and production of tools, with great potential and commitment.

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